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Almond Soothing Facial Lotion (30ml)

Lightly nourishes and protects skin.


The almond is full of minerals and vitamins. It provides unsaturated fatty acids, high quality protein and on top of that, tastes delicious. So it is probably no surprise that the almond scores high in skin care.

Sensitive Facial Lotion - Almond (30ml)

SKU: 8688

    Your know how your skin reacts to the tiniest change of conditions – to heat, cold, air-conditioning, sometimes even to a late night? Almond oil is nature’s answer – a swiftly absorbed, super-skin-friendly oil which we take from organic sources and whisk into this ultra-light lotion for sensitive, combination and dry skin. With simply natural ingredients, it’s a cool, light, calming balm for over-reactive skin. manufacturing process cannot be ruled out entirely.

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