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Pampering Creamy Body Wash
Gently envelop mind, body and spirit

Bathe yourself in love. Feel wrapped in the 100% natural fragrance of romantic rose, jasmine and ylang ylang and support your natural wellbeing. Biodegradable formula.

Aroma Shower Love

SKU: 6755
  • Wrap yourself in 100% natural fragrance of romantic rose, jasmine and ylang ylang. Close your eyes and breathe deeply while our biodegradable formula of 100% natural origin leaves your skin nourished, soft while mild, plant-based surfactants gently cleanse. Support your sense of natural wellbeing and vitality as the 100% exclusive natural fragrance of essentails oils gets to work, reminding you of a lovely feeling. Skin tolerance dermatologically proven.


    Surround yourself with love and tenderness
    Explore a floral garden of romantic rose, precious jasmine and delicately sweet ylang ylang. It’s a fragrance that enfolds you in a lovely feeling of harmony, 
    pampering your mind and spirit.

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