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Birch Cellulite Oil (100ml)

The natural skin treatment for cellulite

Natural plant oils and extracts support the body's own regenerating processes to tone, firm and smooth cellulite skin.

Birch Cellulite Oil

SKU: 7569
  • Cellulite develops naturally – but that doesn’t mean you have to keep it! Weleda’s Birch Cellulite Oil is a completely natural treatment for cellulite using precious plant ingredients. Extracts from young birch leaves, rosemary and butcher’s broom (ruscus) stimulate the skin’s metabolism. They’re blended with active carrier oils, including vitamin rich wheatgerm and jojoba – famously able to hold moisture where it is meant to be. Invigorating grapefruit and cypress oils for fragrance – everything in this oil is here for a purpose. And it works.

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