Wheat Balancing Shampoo (190ml)

Reduces dandruff and promotes healthy hair and scalp


Treat dandruff with this gently cleansing formulation. Vigour borrowed from the strongest grasses balances stressed hair and wheatgerm oil helps protect scalp from flakes and dandruff.

Wheat Balancing Shampoo

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  • A ripening wheatfield in the breeze – surely the picture of subtle strength. The stems of wheat point skywards in all conditions, while ripe, heavy grains stay poised between earth and air. This balanced life-force is the secret of wheat’s robust qualities, and we blend wheatgerm oil with extract of butcher’s broom and organic sage to promote a healthy scalp. A brisk scent from tea-tree, rosemary and copaiba balm freshens the senses while you wash clean comfort back to your hair.