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BioDynamic Garden

Biodynamics®: Not a trend, a way of life


Organics aren’t some newfangled trend we’re jumping on. More like a trend we helped to establish. We set up one of the very first Biodynamic® gardens all the way back in the 1920s to provide us with the natural, effective raw materials we needed to make our products the way we knew they should be made.

In these gardens, flowers thrived in the rich, balanced soil, bees buzzed from blossom to blossom, weeds were attended to with natural solutions and gardeners gently trod on the earth, nurturing every living creature. The result: the purest plants, flowers, and fruits grown on earth.

Remarkably, little has changed in Weleda’s gardens for more than 80 years ago. Although, indeed, we’ve grown a bit since then.

Today we have 135 acres of these Biodynamic® gardens in Germany—the Weleda Biodynamic® Medicinal Plant Gardens are the largest of their kind in Europe—with more in Switzerland, France, the UK, the Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, and New Zealand, collectively growing more than 300 healing plants and flowers. That’s a whole lot of Biodynamic® goodness.

We believe that beauty comes from within—and without. There is power in the soil that we till, the organic, Biodynamic® and wild plants that we harvest and the essential oils that we extract. So you can be assured we take excellent care of all of them.

Our gardens are like our babies; that’s why you’ll never find chemicals, pesticides or other scary things anywhere near our crops.

Pure farming practices make for pure, effective Weleda products. Just the way they’ve always been.

Biodynamic® Cultivation

The biodynamic method of agriculture, developed by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Weleda, aims to provide long term sustainability, improving soil fertility over time. It is so much more than simply not applying chemicals.

Biodynamic cultivation goes a step further than organic, using biodynamic fertilizer preparations to further support the earth and crops. Natural sprays that comprise of silica and manure, as well as compost preparations from herbs such as chamomile, dandelion, nettle, and yarrow, bring abundant life to the soil and support the cultivation of Weleda’s precious ingredients.

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