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Our Standards

NATRUE: Certified Natural Skincare


Natural skincare is not always natural skincare. NATRUE is the first internationally recognized quality seal for organic and natural skincare and thus creates clarity in the label ‘jungle’. Any products featuring the label of NATRUE guarantee the highest standards.

Our products, certified by NATRUE, are 100% natural.

We aim to use only the purest wild-harvested, biodynamic or organically grown ingredients. NATRUE is a certification scheme created by the International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association to regulate and protect natural skincare products.

Each product is inspected by independent certification companies and the non-profit organization NATRUE monitors the quality of the criteria. The first Weleda products, featuring the NATRUE label came on the market in the spring of 2009.

NATRUE ensures all products have:

  • Natural and organic ingredients

  • Sustainable production processes

  • Environmentally-friendly practices

  • No synthetic fragrances or dyes

  • No silicone oils, No ingredients from petrochemicals

  • No animal testing

  • No irradiation of end products or herbal ingredients
















Constant improvement to reach the highest level of certification

NATRUE certification is divided into three stages. To reach the first stage, it must be demonstrated that all ingredients are of natural origin and that they are only processed in a gentle, sustainable way. The next two stages evaluate the proportion of ingredients from certified organic agriculture, with higher certification guaranteeing higher organic content. As you can imagine, the highest level is very difficult to achieve – deliberately so, as companies should constantly strive to improve their products.

Different criteria for each type of product

The evaluation process for each type of product is different, since (for example) skin lotion can’t be evaluated on the same criteria as shampoo, either in the ingredients or in the manufacturing process. NATRUE controls are independent and the organization works on a non-profit basis, with all criteria and information publicly available. Transparency is a fundamental principle for NATRUE – as it is for us.


NATRUE and Weleda have a lot in common: we want to promote natural skincare and have a high standard of quality, with a strong emphasis on natural and organic ingredients and their careful processing. We want you to know why you can trust us and our products. NATRUE also attaches great importance to environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes. All of Weleda’s products are free from petroleum-derived ingredients, synthetic chemicals, synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, GMOs, and they are never tested on animals.


Weleda has earned certification from NATRUE


Weleda's product does not test on animals

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