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The product(s) purchased on the website will be delivered as soon as payment for the product(s) is processed and orders will be delivered only within Malaysia (all areas covered by our Courier Service Provider) as follows:
Delivery orders are made by our Courier Service Provider from Mondays to Fridays (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays excluded). For West Malaysia, delivery will be made within 2 to 3 business days and for Sabah and Sarawak, it will take at least 3 to 7 business days. 

Weleda Malaysia may replace the current Courier Service Provider or engage an additional Courier Service Provider to improve the efficiency of the delivery service if required.

All orders received by Weleda Malaysia will be processed between Mondays to Thursdays. Any orders received after 3.30 pm on Thursday until Sunday, will only be processed the following Monday. This is to avoid the situation where the Courier Service Provider has to store the product(s) at a storage facility during the weekend, which might affect the quality of the product(s) before delivery is made the following Monday.

If the Courier Service Provider is unable to deliver the orders after three attempts, the product will be sent back to Weleda Malaysia and any redelivery shall be at the buyer’s cost. The buyer has to sign upon delivery of the product and if the buyer is unavailable at the time of delivery, to make an arrangement with the Courier Service Provider by providing them with the relevant tracking number of the order made.
Shipping rates are subject to change without notice but it will not affect any orders that have been accepted prior to the change.

The following rates shall apply for shipping charges for West Malaysia:
Shipping charges of RM15.00, if the total amount of order is less then RM250.00; and
Free shipping, if the total amount of order is more then RM250.00


Shipping charges for East Malaysia:
Shipping charges of RM25.00, if the total amount of order is less then RM250.00; and
Free shipping, if the total amount of order is more then RM250.00


All goods sold are only refundable if found to be defective or damaged upon inspection or when a wrong product has been sent to the buyer, through no fault of the buyer (subject to our assessment and approval). Otherwise, any request for a refund will not be entertained. The buyers concerned must contact Customer Service at within 3 days from the date of receipt of the defective or damaged or wrong product (with proof in the form of a photograph) and return the product within 7 days upon getting the prior approval from Weleda Malaysia to return the same. Products with original packaging tampered with or broken, will not be accepted for return and such products will be considered as sold. The return process will take at least 14 days and we will contact you as soon as the process is completed. Refunds will be credited and applied according to your method of payment and will be exclusive of shipping costs.    

Out of Stock 

Any product(s) ordered is subject to availability and if such product(s) is out of stock as notified in the website, it cannot be ordered online. In the event, such an order is made and we are unable to fulfill the said order, we will refund the money paid for the out of stock product.

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