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Beauty of Biodynamic Farming

Biodynamic farming is a concept based on a holistic ecosystem of farming where the soil, water and farm surroundings are balanced and enlivened through natural biological activators. The natural biological activators that are prepared are both natural and potent to effectively enliven the soil. Examples of natural biological activators include the 500-preparation made from cow manures or the 501-preparation made from quartz crystal.

Mr. Ng points out, to identify plants cultivated through biodynamic farming the leaves are greener and livelier, non-fibrous stems and healthier secondary roots. There are signs that the plant is healthy and “over-fed” or “force-fed”. In these conducive environments, the plants will naturally grow healthy to its full potential and vitality. As he adds on, “When the plants are healthy, we don’t need to spray toxic chemicals to protect them from insects and diseases”.

Both Mr. Ng and Madam Ho are pioneers of Biodynamic farming where they view and shed light on the beauty of biodynamic farming as both a science and an art. Through their regular biodynamic farming classes they have introduced their novel biodynamic farming practices to the local farmers and wider community.

It is inherently fundamental to take care of our mind, body and health through natural practices.

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