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Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash (200ml)

Gentle all-natural creamy wash to inspire your senses


Your inner beauty made visible with a perfect balance of natural cleansing and sensuous fragrance. Step out of your shower with skin that's clean, renewed and soft to the touch, with organic pomegranate seed oil.

Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash - Inspire

SKU: 8844
  • The pomegranate is a wise and potent plant, with long-revered qualities which we still find effective. Its skin-loving organic seed oil is a key ingredient of our creamy body wash, enhanced for your pleasure with sesame, sunflower and macadamia – rich oils from every continent to replenish your skin. While warm water sets free fruity-fresh, sweet notes of orange, davana and vanilla, mild sugar-based cleansers gently lift away the day, bringing you a sense of harmony and bright, clean, perfectly soft skin.

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